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How to create an interesting Character
OC (Original Character) is something that sadly has a rare to no appearance in TF2 Fandom. People started to step out of the idea to create something truly original, once SFM gained on its popularity. These days most of the OCs (Which have a more accurate naming: FC – Fanmade Character) are described by a different set of cosmetic items slapped on a canon model. I’m one of the people who do that.
But that doesn’t mean your Character can’t be interesting.

PERSONALITY is what makes your characters interesting, but way too many people either limit themselves to one insignificant aspect, or they’re making a way too big variety of different behaviors.
So Happy, Sad, Serious, Shy, Friendly, Mean etc. are NOT a base for a character’s behavior. They’re merely one of many attributes.
Also known as the very core of every personality. People change over time d
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*Your character is in a stable relationship of some description (if they are not in a relationship in the canon of your story, assume this hypothetically). Your character discovers that their partner has been cheating on them. How does your character react?*
She wouldn't believe it, she would cry and run away, escape from her problems

*Does your character hold any religious or otherwise existential beliefs? If so, what inspired them to hold those beliefs? If not, why?*
She is not religious, but a naive person willing to do whatever to make others be happy

*If you asked your character what his/her favorite color is, what would they say? Is there any reason they resonate with that particular color?*
"Uhm, that is difficult! there are a lot of amazing colors... i guess i'd say green! yes, it combines with me."

Does your character have any deep-seated fears? Do these fears motivate how your character acts in his/her day-to-day life?
Spiders, insects, water, sea creatures, swimming, blood, she faints with the last one... they are obstacles pretty much, for her.

Does your character have any particular pet peeves or annoyances? If so, is there any particular person, thing or event that caused your character to have this annoyance?
She likes conversation, she likes to hear others, she doesn't likes aggression and violent behavior, she gets scared easily over all these things due to past events

How does your character feel about his/her appearance? Has any part of their appearance been changed (e.g. tattoos, unusual hair colors, piercings)? If so, why did your character want to make that change?
"My appearance? uhm... well... i don't know, i don't like judging appearances!" (She accepts everyone's appearance, also her own)

What are your character's primary goals/dreams/ambitions? Why does your character want to attain this goal?
"I want to... have a family, even if its not mine, i want to belong somewhere... i'll do a lot of friends and they will be my family"

If your character fails miserably and loses sight of his/her goal (if you answered that your character doesn't have any huge goals/ambitions, assume this is a short-term or small goal), what happens next?
She would be broken, alone and very depressed, but as soon as someone else gets near, she'll pretend she is happy.

When making friends or allies, what qualities does your character look for in others?
Confident people makes her feel safe, like KaeTzun or Zaoru

If your character was confronted with the news they are terminally ill with no hope of recovery, how would they react? (Note: If your character is immortal, invulnerable or a minor God/Goddess, assume something happens to end their immortality)
prepare for a flood of tears and feels.

Time to think from two different perspectives. Part one: If your character was asked what they thought their weaknesses/flaws were, what would they say?
"i don't know... can i go now?"

Part two: If you as the creator were asked what you think your character's greatest weaknesses/flaws were, what would you say?
She is very naive, that brings problems against bad ones. her fears are another weakness, she is afraid of a lot of stuff... and a very feelsie person.


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Don't try to use logics with me... im not even human ._. <3


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